lines and the economy

The marquee was once pure white, fitted with yellow bulbs synchronized to flash a programmed pattern, advertising the event that evening. Decades of violent weather had deteriorated the fixtures. Its red border now had random cracks with pieces missing, exposing the marquee’s foundation, of black plastic, wood and wires. A day’s rain had saturated the black letters which read : Dumb America : the Podcast: Live!. It was free to attend with patrons allowed inside, first come, first serve. This rule caused a line to form, underneath the marquee, alongside the building.
The first in line was a college student. He learned about the live taping from a mass email, sent out by the podcast hosts. He felt elated about a potential knowledge symbiosis with the cast, in real time and was left stunned at his work desk. He searched for a way to purchase tickets, but became despondent, after learning of the first come, first serve restriction.
‘A true fan,’ he thought, ‘would arrive at daylight.’ And that’s just what he did.
The second in line was a group of 60 year old retirees. They were discussing the president’s failure in going up against the opposition.
“He needs to grow a pair.”
“Don’t phrase it like that.”
“Yeah, not everything boils down to genitalia.”
“Oh, gross. That’s not what I meant and you know it.”
After them in line was a young couple. The awning no longer provided shade, relative to their position. A sheen of moisture blanketed their bodies and they huddled together for warmth.

Line etiquette begins where? At the front?

Unity begotten by conquest. A singular goal.

Performers have a guest list featuring people they deem important. Often they’re let in the building first.

The front doors opened, from them dispersed volunteers working the event. They approached those waiting to enter with a bargain. Either sign up to canvas for the Party, or be denied entry.
Across the street squirrels scampered along power lines and their weight and bounce, shook water droplets off the wires. These droplets became synonymous with the rainfall.

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