Stuntin’ Illusions

“the more you consume the less you live” G. Debord

Stunt doubles perpetuate the Spectacle, gesturing forth topical features stolen off the Actor they’re replicating. Like: a goatee which accentuates the jawline of the heartthrob cast member, duplicated by a mimic, protecting the company’s investment as the copy rides off a cliff, into the sunset.
The viewership succumbs to red herrings, camouflaging 12 second moments with pattern markers. An evolutionary tactic devised to combat sneak attacks, useful in a war zone, or behind Burger King, or jumping a 30ft gap while riding a motorcycle, disguised as Tom Cruise.
Gossip websites claim they (insert-famous-moniker) performed 90% of their stunts, gaining camaraderie among critics and voyeurs alike, who acclaim that dangerous gestures are only possible in reality, negating those done before a green screen as make believe.

Q.)What is the allure of a marketed Reality?
A.)Illusions presented therein are for their mind.

Illusions are a trust exercise. At the start, naive affections flourish the ego with the additive, till death, present in both partners.
Daydreams cradle expiration, the Spectacle hoisting Fisher Price engines, swinging the pendulum, until peace, nirvana, sleep.
Together, in the end, two bodies seated on their sofa, inches apart and nuzzling fingertips. Pulses adorn their cheeks with blushes red as herrings. She drops his fingerprints and points to the screen, “That’s the guy from that thing!” And he knows exactly what she means.

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