Sodom and Gomorrah’s Art House

Dedicated to Keith Haring and

DIY aesthetes claim that current galleries and auction houses promote contemporary artists recommended by academia, selling work under the guise of exclusive provisions, resulting in a rebellion from the DIY aesthete as they utilize free market strategies for profit, despite rejecting conventional capital.  

Human fantasies honor traditional phenomena, revealing pleather as animal skin, plastic as bone, screens as portraits. Reality welcomes disguise, being that elementary particles are invisible unless identified and create the world in which existence flourishes. Free markets follow this translucent trend.

DIY consumption via subjective mastery.  

Graffiti artists stare at old walls, dissolve foundations down to Mandrian’s bedrock. Walls are boundaries and indicate property. Property vandalized with an artist’s work belongs to whom? 

Art collectors stand-in for stock investors. Banksy’s IPO broke the market. Shreds from his “Girl with Balloon” read like ticker tape. Trader’s throats went numb from open outcry, each one scrambling to acquire the rare piece. It hangs on a collector’s wall, next to one of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can. 

Abraham led his son Issac up the mountain, unsheathed his knife from its holster and with God’s promise ripe in his forethought, held his son down with one hand and directed his blade an inch before Issac’s throat. God stopped the process before blood could be shed. An act of faith, honored with mercy. Years later Abraham would honor humanity by defending the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah to God. He prayed for their forgiveness. As the city and its people burned, Abraham shrugged his shoulders and thought, ‘that’s why it’s better to be rich than right.’

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