Symptoms of skull bleaching are conflicted when back-dropped against snow, acid-washed-denim, tooth-caps, generic paper towels and the pinch of light leaning through a door cracked open separating the well lit dining room and the windowless position of cellars, as above, so below. But the handcuff glints and holds its glare in the computer screen (cleaned with bleach towelettes) framing the results of search engine destinations. 

Preferences for bleach arranged to include:

Where bottles might be stored. Often it’s below the sink, behind locked doors. Laundry room is another option but not a favored selection due to the quick available suicide such access grants to the blessed to be depressed. 

White is the ambivalent canvass bleach grants to scar fragments. 

Compromises abound…

But if the human reaction 

Takes forever to explain 

The reasoning behind

Its blood stain…

Remove it from pockets 

And discard it like lint. Knowing the difference and understanding the implications of bottle structure is the trick to voila reveal when bleach is drained from its container forever. 

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