Three P’s

Sitcom dialogue influenced by meta brandishing, character lips pulsating in accordance to dial tones, placated on screens smaller than faces, inviting cataracts to scar rapid eyes, blinking censorship. 

Empty pill bottle requires Bad Faith inquisitions to clone the metabolism process of throat to vein maze transference. To welcome aches and pains is to carry the weight of being human and depending upon the planet a human finds themselves on, the responsibility of weight shifts from their shoulders to their toes. Steps intimidate insects peering up at the humans. Perspective places blame on radical pincers, gripping noses and tearing mucus from cartilage. Perspective blame allows the assault victim to speak in a nasally tone while compiling gibberish to crescendo conversation, “what! Can’t you understand me?” Granted. This approach has been abused by politicians, police and priests. The Three P’s of Polarization. 

Politician quibbles like, “eh, what, doh, no..can’t you hear me over the helicopter blades?

Police relish the, “can’t you hear me over the thrumming of batons?” 

Of course the priest takes the easy route by utilizing a vow of silence. 

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