An Appeal to the Simulation

“There is no aphrodisiac like innocence”― Jean Baudrillard Two 20 (dollar) bills  Were set parallel  On Tay’s dresser.  “I can’t tell.” He said, grabbing and  Escorting a buck to his desk lamp. He held it before a light-beam.  The money functioned like a lens cover,  Casting a mossy green spot-light Across the room, ending inside aContinue reading “An Appeal to the Simulation”


The playwright stared ahead, squinted and stood off her chair. She approached the baby-blue wall, put her hand flat against the plaster, it was cooler than the air in the room and made her think of flipping her pillow over at night to contend with the transference of her warm cheek to cotton, welcoming theContinue reading “turkey.”

Conforming to What’s Might Makes Right

After the city laborer finished mowing, the outskirts were hemmed with grass clippings designated to the specifications per popular opinion, per tax sponsored research.  The landscape inspector was equipped with spectacles containing magnified lenses to examine each grass blade, searching for a misuse of “company time,” on hands and knees, he discovered one blade halfContinue reading “Conforming to What’s Might Makes Right”