A Dead R(f)inger for the American Dream

Mental hospital sheek standardized curtain rods to operate on a quiet line. Cutting apart the drapes and styling the scraps like snowflakes, But it’s raining pills instead.  Mannequins stand guard, Hosting visions window-shopping  For traffic, mastering the above the waist approval. Head nods. Crooked smiles. Pierced ears, septum and the tongue  To pin down tastyContinue reading “A Dead R(f)inger for the American Dream”

Death and the Return to Nothing

Cars parked along the curb, Reflected the stoplight, shifting its colors In dirty windshields. A young couple exited Their vehicle and everything turned red.  A pregnant mutt scratched the passenger door, Inside the couple’s backseat, Recognizing her exit, sprinted, as the door opened  To find her place  In gridlocked traffic.  Hollow dots  acknowledged  WIDE PUPILS,Continue reading “Death and the Return to Nothing”

Accident Prone and the Family Misgivings

Lineage reunited when metal assaulted colors stacked atop each other, prompting obedience in accordance to hue transformation, operating like a wink, but processing iris censorship results in seduction that color-shift dominates traffic and any rejection, “defiance,” results in dragged-by-the-throat submission…. & Leather outfitted to the cars interior  Wrinkled like the flesh which placed it there. Continue reading “Accident Prone and the Family Misgivings”