Plastic Culture

Sliced bread confuses the soulmate solution, redeemed in pairs. Bottle-caps unscrewed presenting the naked grooves arranged for plastic perfection. Rather. A.  Digital fingerprint  Via microchips. Made in squares, set in rectangles,  Proclaiming unseen value, an illusion of technique. * Air filters capture cellular waste.  Replenished wholesale from frayed tissue- Securing viscera in place. Ripe forContinue reading “Plastic Culture”

artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener packets decorated the car’s floor-mats. Their wet shoes made them martyrs. A few sprinkles escaped, Separated and near change, Butterfly wings dried  And saved their disintegration   For the last trip home.  Some moments belong in paper-bags.  It’s all relative  To the drop off, stepping out, Putting rehearsal to use and knowing Lives whichContinue reading “artificial sweetener”