Art as an “Investment”

A wart overtook the artist’s knuckle, preventing their wrinkles from attempting full bloom. Inside their bedroom, low wattage bulbs approved weak shadows whose tint intermingled with the blemish’s eclipse, making it difficult to distinguish where their flesh clumped up to form the bump.  In order to recoup their losses on art supplies and wart remover,Continue reading “Art as an “Investment””

When You Realize You’re an Empty Nihilist

True and false, as they’re defined nakedly, contend with the fashion trend of what’s possible, a 3rd option to designate reality and in cyclical form is the reality to which humanity dresses itself. No fault allotted to possibility, being a human inflicted with consciousness insists possibility is a syndrome of awareness, subjective fascination assess phenomena.Continue reading “When You Realize You’re an Empty Nihilist”