Trash Bags forgotten at the Bus Stop

1. The Bereaved were outfitted In their standard black costumes and stood before the soldiers  Who bordered the Officer’s casket in Red, White & Blue.  A hot mic captured the priest, presiding over the funeral, Take a drink from his water bottle and announce, “BLECH! That tastes like it came from the tap.”   The soldiersContinue reading “Trash Bags forgotten at the Bus Stop”

Baptism by Fire

Ten smiles break over the horizon Chipped bone contributes to a hallucination  Sky lettered  In reactionary politics Breath of clouds Sky sighs  Studying textures via touch  Learned experience  Gains recognition  -same- As its opposite?  Rectifying the ambient jangle Incites the bargain match Betwixt  Piercing stares  And the monk  Who happens upon God In her cloudsContinue reading “Baptism by Fire”

Rerun Voting Cycle

Old Days… Pundits coordinated their free-time to scheduled programming and delegated topics for conversation based on what they watched that day. On Tuesday mornings they removed ties and stockings while Big Bird flapped his beak, when Elmo appeared on screen conservatives pointed to the puppet and declared: “I TOLD YOU RED WAS THE COLOR OFContinue reading “Rerun Voting Cycle”

A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…

Tear-ducts leak a prism, droplets crystallize and take the shape of a globe, ensnare fortunes, foretold through a virtuoso who capped his central incisor with gold. Zero sum is what he predicts and licks his shimmer, reflected in the mirror assigned to the right side of the bedroom.  During a session with a politician theContinue reading “A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…”