Trash Bags forgotten at the Bus Stop

1. The Bereaved were outfitted In their standard black costumes and stood before the soldiers  Who bordered the Officer’s casket in Red, White & Blue.  A hot mic captured the priest, presiding over the funeral, Take a drink from his water bottle and announce, “BLECH! That tastes like it came from the tap.”   The soldiersContinue reading “Trash Bags forgotten at the Bus Stop”

Three P’s

Sitcom dialogue influenced by meta brandishing, character lips pulsating in accordance to dial tones, placated on screens smaller than faces, inviting cataracts to scar rapid eyes, blinking censorship.  Empty pill bottle requires Bad Faith inquisitions to clone the metabolism process of throat to vein maze transference. To welcome aches and pains is to carry theContinue reading “Three P’s”

A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…

Tear-ducts leak a prism, droplets crystallize and take the shape of a globe, ensnare fortunes, foretold through a virtuoso who capped his central incisor with gold. Zero sum is what he predicts and licks his shimmer, reflected in the mirror assigned to the right side of the bedroom.  During a session with a politician theContinue reading “A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…”