“No fair. No fair.”

Villains escort a mask and regulate dance, an advancement step  Creating space, promenaded to be measured as Rhythmic air. No fair. No fair. Medieval trials deliberated guilt through intent.  Swine ate consecrated biscuits. Rats burrowed below  The cross, into the church wall. Humans evaluated The actions, “No fair. No fair.”  As pigs followed the swing Continue reading ““No fair. No fair.””

Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares

1. Blank stares authenticate hunger trends, Inviting chest skin to pull taut against  A rib-cage  And match the trajectory  Of running mascara.  (heavy impulse pulverizes ordinary interest to aid in categorizing patterns found in reality) (consciousness shields its dependent from disorienting qualia) (thought increases entropy to end Time)  Luxury territories deceive with respect to vulnerability,Continue reading “Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares”

Gentrified Global Warming

Storm clouds challenged the skyscraper’s attempt At censorship, Posting their gray scale  Above the CEO’s important view. The type of view  Laborers risk their lives To clear smudges From the window glass.  Trees dropped their seeds  And hijacked peripherals  Acclimated to city plants  Blending in with manufactured wood, Bordering storefronts  And gentrified apartment complexes, ButContinue reading “Gentrified Global Warming”

simple enough.

1. He lifted his elbow off the car window jamb, Symmetrical creases trailed his forearm in testament to self-flagellation. Worshipping open air  For lungs And empire opportunities  For insects.  She barricaded her chest with an argyle sweater vest. Lint and dandruff appeared visible in the navy blue squares, But failed in recognition atop the yellowContinue reading “simple enough.”

Leading Backwards

Alienation negates the spy, observing at a distance, scope transfixed at center. A denial to focus on the ramblings relating space to tongue, off the center, specks take form and shapes related to memories begin again.  Witness A figurehead holding clay features before her face, shape of a nose before her nose, allay the sameContinue reading “Leading Backwards”

Choose to Win

A duck died, his body floated throughout the pond-water and on occasion collided with shoreline, but always returned back to drifting. When winter turned the water to ice, he was frozen from the neck down. At night, approaching headlights struck his dead eyes and they lit up like stars. During sunny days, his profile functionedContinue reading “Choose to Win”

Natural Franchise

Franchises are a natural pattern found in nature they embrace the structure of the family motif by complimenting double-helix hierarchy via multiplying carbon copies Natural selection situates the dominant features Of these carbon copies And applies them for use as needed A feather for a Nose A nose for an Eyelid An eyelid for aContinue reading “Natural Franchise”

First Snowfall (it won’t happen again)

Human trappings Outweigh organic life. This notion accepts All that is For- Ever Is here now. Basic snow Trips  Hands to let go, One-Of-a-Kind Shatters Snow covers those remnants too. Complimenting cycles To induce One-Of-a-Kind Again. Park patrons prepare their minds To reduce virginal white, Putrefying pine Honoring the connection. Observance. Fastened. Per snowfall. PurityContinue reading “First Snowfall (it won’t happen again)”

Opposites are Infinite

1. Opposites are infinite  A namesake shared  CHURCH ON SUNDAY  Relishes the idiosyncrasies   Of free speech Indoctrinated  By marketing procedures  Posits streets named after white people To billboards celebrating  Their government names  Age takes tomorrow Questions the contradiction Inherit in repetition  2. At the applegrove a man bonked his head on low hanging fruit HeContinue reading “Opposites are Infinite”

Like…REALLY…Drinking Water

Water in the glass Borrows the room’s temperature  And contours ice shavings With tepid ripples. Exposed bone  Set awry inside their voice Functions like a sewer grate. Holds the shavings  At  A Tongue  Tip Distance, allowing liquid to filter past Inducing tingles  To tissue.  How’d the shivers come to this? Cosmic metals in the companyContinue reading “Like…REALLY…Drinking Water”