Edges for Disco Dancing

I found a mirror, proceeded to hold it like a plot device  And marched the hallway to reflect characters.   The innocent acknowledged their bodies   With glances they placed on teachers too.  A charlatan crossed their presence  Beyond the mirror’s glass, By pausing below the light shade Dirty with dead insects and dust, Casting their shadow Continue reading “Edges for Disco Dancing”


Biological ramparts furnished a maze with trick mirrors, archetypes formatted to skin sacks stiffened their long faces  And leveraged lips quivering, But a boy brought his stuffed rabbit along, down the hallway, including Tall glass, he dragged his bunny by the ears and mopped the floors clean of dust.  Average, begins the dust bunny tomb.Continue reading “aver(sion)age”

The Anarchist’s Guide to Sitcoms

Anarchists acknowledge youngins holding the door open for elderly citizens as a showcase of goodness symptomatic of human nature. But sitcoms never die, sitcoms live forever through syndication, rotating snapshots to exemplify human character, parodies to wit: neighbor touts blubber and splashes fat inside the purview owned by the main example displaying Alpha Male essence.Continue reading “The Anarchist’s Guide to Sitcoms”