A Dead R(f)inger for the American Dream

Mental hospital sheek standardized curtain rods to operate on a quiet line. Cutting apart the drapes and styling the scraps like snowflakes, But it’s raining pills instead.  Mannequins stand guard, Hosting visions window-shopping  For traffic, mastering the above the waist approval. Head nods. Crooked smiles. Pierced ears, septum and the tongue  To pin down tastyContinue reading “A Dead R(f)inger for the American Dream”

simple enough.

1. He lifted his elbow off the car window jamb, Symmetrical creases trailed his forearm in testament to self-flagellation. Worshipping open air  For lungs And empire opportunities  For insects.  She barricaded her chest with an argyle sweater vest. Lint and dandruff appeared visible in the navy blue squares, But failed in recognition atop the yellowContinue reading “simple enough.”