Metaphysics of Learning to Tie Your Shoe

Time describes an action’s value and success is measured against the time it takes to complete a task, consider a child learning to tie their shoes, point of triumph defined as bunny ears settle to hear the crescendo of finished knots, but in defiance of quick completion star light traversed decades to brighten optic nervesContinue reading “Metaphysics of Learning to Tie Your Shoe”

Per the Looking-Glass through the Lighthouse

Lighthouse circulates strands of  illumination through fog plumes, dressing the rocky-shores of anywhere USA in a strobe of smoky flash-bangs. Fans of Aubrey Hepburn approach the shore, wearing masks of her face, holes punctured at ear level, filled and fixed with noose knots composed from fragile twine to hold the disguise in place. They digContinue reading “Per the Looking-Glass through the Lighthouse”

the fragrance of dead light

Reflexive foresight involves relying on light bulbs, placed inside welcoming lamp-holes to bypass rookie shades, assembled for wholesale from fingers afflicted with carpal tunnel, onset by labor, in contrast to First-World-Fingers, who develop arthritic contingencies from pressing the order button on their Amazon account.  To remove expired light bulbs requires traditional pageantry, first the morticianContinue reading “the fragrance of dead light”