Poetry: a NON-Verbal Translation

Poetry in the mead-hall after feasting was Beowulf accompanied by familiar pop melodies which to-day are repeated via transmission through the electromagnetic spectrum. The progression from verbal throat swells, held to Anglo-Saxon interpretation, assessed in real-time was void of phenomenal proclamation. Philosophers of yore instead deemed this the Word of God (or Gods), held toContinue reading “Poetry: a NON-Verbal Translation”

The Era of Bullshit -Jester King Saga

  Jester King  is not a fool and to misconstrue the definition of two, two clarified to be royalty obliterates the loyalty to classical repetition and in the Era of Bullshit, those who desire power lean on a fence-crux, chewing on a piece of straw while reciting Mark Twain before the backdrop of two bovineContinue reading “The Era of Bullshit -Jester King Saga”