Plastic Culture

Sliced bread confuses the soulmate solution, redeemed in pairs. Bottle-caps unscrewed presenting the naked grooves arranged for plastic perfection. Rather. A.  Digital fingerprint  Via microchips. Made in squares, set in rectangles,  Proclaiming unseen value, an illusion of technique. * Air filters capture cellular waste.  Replenished wholesale from frayed tissue- Securing viscera in place. Ripe forContinue reading “Plastic Culture”

The History of Humor (Kafkaesque)

Chimps laugh, a response humans align to general pleasure IE the mass production of jokes to entertain the pain away, but to align the History of Humor and designate it to present clause, “we’re in the endgame now” to paraphrase. Jokes inside a view-master a lever sans mouse clicks and scrolling through MEMEs resplendent withContinue reading “The History of Humor (Kafkaesque)”