A Soliloquy for Dead-Ends

A tree branch brandishes its silhouette  And hides the stucco pattern, flourishing  Across the wall.  A leaf trembles in the wind. Pauses.  Before its stem snaps and lets go Of the leaf.  Impulses obligate an outstretched hand To snatch the leaf from wind patterns. Fingers grasp the loose foliage  And dollar bills within the sameContinue reading “A Soliloquy for Dead-Ends”

President Trump is the Afterthought of Postmodern Progress

Encounters, brief as highway exchanges, saved on fascinated tongues, rolling Rs, or selling short the T, to complement a verbal fascination when language confided in description: Homebody lifted a glass filled with cheap bourbon and set it down on the corner of his table, and bolstered from lessening standard animations, his limbs procured to flail,Continue reading “President Trump is the Afterthought of Postmodern Progress”