Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares

1. Blank stares authenticate hunger trends, Inviting chest skin to pull taut against  A rib-cage  And match the trajectory  Of running mascara.  (heavy impulse pulverizes ordinary interest to aid in categorizing patterns found in reality) (consciousness shields its dependent from disorienting qualia) (thought increases entropy to end Time)  Luxury territories deceive with respect to vulnerability,Continue reading “Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares”


Myth consumers suspend air pockets inside mouth pillows, place their tongues in  and chew. Invisible walls situate the maze before them. “Owch.” Defines the lesson of walking into barriers. Context manages the map with respect to painful discovery. Lucid abandonment relishes sparkles positioned atop barcodes, sealed in plastic and holding sunlight like a mirage.  MakeContinue reading “impasse”

Regurgitated Splendor

Floor dressed in red paint chips; the same color  Scores toe prints lounging on passage to further their destiny. Water bottle is empty.  Stepped on and it erupted a sound, unique to plastic crinkling. Reality bargains with images instilled along airwaves, Deteriorating molecules to petals breaking Off the stems. Rain-drops. Confetti. Hubris displaced the stars,Continue reading “Regurgitated Splendor”