NoT NICE. E(m)pty

Relevancy extrapolated fro(M)  Docile expressions, held inside wrinkles (m)ade  By impregnable e(M)pty wombs & hallways. Filled by a wink.  Framed by brow. Leveled by throat. Hallway: Linoleum floors waxing poetic,  Echoing stares folding squints  In admiration of re(M)()ved scuffs and sins. Wombs: Fetus crestfallen in mourning after Admiration  To Not us the kill of  Personhood.Continue reading “NoT NICE. E(m)pty”

WoMb AmBiEnCe

Conversations with Fetus avoids the intention of abbreviating music, in order to obscure an infant’s coo and demarcate  birth in fractured reverb, crib skids from the bedroom to the kitchen and all the adults in the room think rhythm abides to the infant slapping pots and pans with a wooden spoon.  Grandpa Jo opens theContinue reading “WoMb AmBiEnCe”