Before Bed

Her cheek resting On my chest   Beneath my clavicle,  Spacing  A Warm spot,  Unable to distinguish  Between heart beat  And flesh.  Her hazel stare  Designates tunnel  Vision.  Air flow tightens, Snore spurts  Intermingle with  Breath tickles.  Room goes quiet.  We’re dreaming now, But I’m still awake.

Gestures to Shout, Laugh and Sneeze

Handwritten body-language parcels lip locked vowels at the expense of jabber jaw phonics.  Tone deaf linguists decipher the intentions of mouth to foot vocabulary (this is what the hosts of infomercials dream of! a product that’ll fly off the eyes) Who holds council in consciousness? And using gestures inherited  From everyday conversation (ex. Moira loathesContinue reading “Gestures to Shout, Laugh and Sneeze”

the oppressive state of dreaming

Sleeping, in the context of biochemical transcendence, is an act of defiance against external influence, courageous in scope to internalize stimuli and delegate reactions like a bankrupt toy store hemorrhaging equity. Of consequence: Evolution found the human experience so boring it decided to enhance it by regurgitating the happenstance of day to day, placing thisContinue reading “the oppressive state of dreaming”