Naming Shadow Puppets

Font articulates the context of words through style, but at what point in the history of typeface did letters penned in bigger girth signify their importance above others? That is, if importance is related to focus, which it often is…depicting boldface script as the Class Clown turning a substitute’s faux pas into a punchline, instillingContinue reading “Naming Shadow Puppets”

A Crown of Thorns is Still a Crown

Blades for regicide, or the mere slaughter of dictators to restrict power, subsumes moral hindsight to Homer’s pen and bullets shower as ink spills, quills, feathers and symbols of patriotic glory welcome criticism, for without it, patriots would have nothing to defend.  Assassins glut themselves with pastries and gain the guilt of French revolutionaries, removeContinue reading “A Crown of Thorns is Still a Crown”