late stage capitalism’s midwestern farm

cell tower stranded in the grass plains stands erect  before a pink sunset as chemtrails style capital I Up high In the sky cows alert the farm about strangers  by announcing the only word in their lexicon  warning of  the  amish  careening with traffic  in their horse and carriage  who ignore the fantasies  late stageContinue reading “late stage capitalism’s midwestern farm”


“The End Of $600 Unemployment Benefits Will Hit Millions Of Households And The Economy”-NPR Farmer Ronaldo had a fistful of grain left to distribute among his stable of livestock and fowl. He entered his barn and shook the feed in his hand like they were dice, strolled up and down the aisle, made eye contactContinue reading “unemployed.”

The Era of Bullshit -Jester King Saga

  Jester King  is not a fool and to misconstrue the definition of two, two clarified to be royalty obliterates the loyalty to classical repetition and in the Era of Bullshit, those who desire power lean on a fence-crux, chewing on a piece of straw while reciting Mark Twain before the backdrop of two bovineContinue reading “The Era of Bullshit -Jester King Saga”