…like air finding its reflection in the mirror

Abstract fanaticism delineated Monet’s brush strokes and complicated the about-face air takes, transferring it, instead, to human consciousness.   This relinquished the standards for telling a lie.  By manipulating the invisible sensibilities attributed to organic assets, necessary for humanity’s survival.  Defined, then, as imagination for the sake of passion, for the sake of art.  A contemporaryContinue reading “…like air finding its reflection in the mirror”

In Opposition of the Bathroom Faucet

A fly landed on Howard’s bathroom sink, he noticed the insect, placed his fingers under the leaking spout and sprinkled droplets of water over the docile fly. It didn’t flinch and accepted the shower as useless happenstance, like a death-row inmate closing their eyes without a tear before lethal injection…  If a person catches aContinue reading “In Opposition of the Bathroom Faucet”