Rerun Voting Cycle

Old Days… Pundits coordinated their free-time to scheduled programming and delegated topics for conversation based on what they watched that day. On Tuesday mornings they removed ties and stockings while Big Bird flapped his beak, when Elmo appeared on screen conservatives pointed to the puppet and declared: “I TOLD YOU RED WAS THE COLOR OFContinue reading “Rerun Voting Cycle”

A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…

Tear-ducts leak a prism, droplets crystallize and take the shape of a globe, ensnare fortunes, foretold through a virtuoso who capped his central incisor with gold. Zero sum is what he predicts and licks his shimmer, reflected in the mirror assigned to the right side of the bedroom.  During a session with a politician theContinue reading “A Politician and a Dead Man Walk Into a Bar…”

tinder. (in context)

Tinder is Frankenstein’s monster incarnate, algorithm serving as the great doctor’s laboratory and thumb swipes as scalpel swipes, organizing from memory the perfect sex doll to facilitate rehearsed desires. Organic tissue damned to a permanent showcase, remove the eyes from subject two, posing with a golden retriever puppy, head cocked slightly to angle sunlight alongContinue reading “tinder. (in context)”

When You Realize You’re an Empty Nihilist

True and false, as they’re defined nakedly, contend with the fashion trend of what’s possible, a 3rd option to designate reality and in cyclical form is the reality to which humanity dresses itself. No fault allotted to possibility, being a human inflicted with consciousness insists possibility is a syndrome of awareness, subjective fascination assess phenomena.Continue reading “When You Realize You’re an Empty Nihilist”

A Crown of Thorns is Still a Crown

Blades for regicide, or the mere slaughter of dictators to restrict power, subsumes moral hindsight to Homer’s pen and bullets shower as ink spills, quills, feathers and symbols of patriotic glory welcome criticism, for without it, patriots would have nothing to defend.  Assassins glut themselves with pastries and gain the guilt of French revolutionaries, removeContinue reading “A Crown of Thorns is Still a Crown”

And Of Course She Ignores Your Dumbass

Design the question to Alleviate a cellphone twitch.  Distinguishing a text  From an email.  And I’ll never bother her  Again. Of course I lie, In operation of survival.  To make it hurt less.  Swallowing pride  And it tastes like cracked glass.  Reflection fractured, Compensation  For when I’m acting up.  Darling.  Darling.  Darling.  Repetition creates comfort, Continue reading “And Of Course She Ignores Your Dumbass”

The Aesthetic Beauty of a Riot

The process to present riot gear as aesthetically pleasing to the populace while retaining a menacing essence required months of research. A weapons manufacturer printed advertisements in popular right wing publications requesting “Men and Women of all shapes and sizes” to serve their country like never before. Patriotic men slid their bellies off from theirContinue reading “The Aesthetic Beauty of a Riot”

the sky is so f***ing lazy

Theories on Everything activated the human scheme,  simplified nature’s intentions of order. Applied to metal and microchips, mortal person was able to sit at the edge of his bed, spine curved to center vision on the cellphone held in his steady hand, researching the Johnstown Flood of 1889.  To compare the usefulness of inventions toContinue reading “the sky is so f***ing lazy”

Protesting as a Method of Cultural Appropriation

Opinions are branded as useful when appointed as the top search on Google. Arguments for or against a topic risk abandonment once the top Google search confirms or denies their standpoint. We live in an age of confirmation through information, not wisdom acquired through knowledge. When we trust companies like Facebook to organize our methodsContinue reading “Protesting as a Method of Cultural Appropriation”