Per the Looking-Glass through the Lighthouse

Lighthouse circulates strands of  illumination through fog plumes, dressing the rocky-shores of anywhere USA in a strobe of smoky flash-bangs. Fans of Aubrey Hepburn approach the shore, wearing masks of her face, holes punctured at ear level, filled and fixed with noose knots composed from fragile twine to hold the disguise in place. They digContinue reading “Per the Looking-Glass through the Lighthouse”


Bellyache rumblings conscript the hunger pains of traveling galaxies, salutations to mutilations separating the restrictions of consciousness from formulating progressive observations on reasons to discriminate the namesake of stars and planets. Time acknowledges dimensions required to accommodate every possibility unraveling as descriptions unfold.  But if an animal severs the jugular vein of another and noContinue reading “planZzZz”

Death by Design

Corpse of a wild boar rotted under the pines, to comfort the wicked, park ranger Pearl fastened googly eyes to wild boar’s grey eyes with gorilla glue. She posted a sign beside the remains which read: Kick Me. The site was popular among parents desirous to demonstrate the afterlife, inviting their children to, “go aheadContinue reading “Death by Design”

dried time

Dried Time, rehearsed ambivalence, required Armageddon to drop the arrogance routine. Descriptions of low entropy beguiled by failed magic, and if the universe fails it’s only in relevance to sentient subjectivity. Considering a starless sky shall greet the final element and proclaim synchronized repetition vital to what makes screaming in space special. (oxygen slacking offContinue reading “dried time”

voice from a flame

Lighter fluid displaced, at what juncture in time does a misplacement flourish? Mathematical inclusivity demands that out of the options for placement inside the room, an object eventually is there. To coincide, flames will scream, blessed by chemical cohabitation, but to rewind and place the fluid back inside the lighter, impossible? Deemed…impossible.  Smoke anchors theContinue reading “voice from a flame”


“The Madison Police Department is one of more than 100 police agencies withdrawing from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee“ Silent scenarios close captioned via body language. Deaf assumption deciphered ambient melodies and what was the transference of Beethoven’s quill to bombastic inflections? Moonlight glutted theContinue reading “GOD IS A REPUBLICAN”

Broken Headboard Fantasy

Fireflies congregate like static, but interference is inconsequential to Singularity dominion, rude texture of squelched glass reminds the coffee stain that stimulation shouldn’t involve a rush of WoKe SIppInG.  Headboard broke last night, Elias gripped the floral pattern bordering the inseam on the wood and pushed it toward the wall to demonstrate why gravity rejectsContinue reading “Broken Headboard Fantasy”

you’re yellow too

Text exclaiming existential lesson plans, consumed by highlighter strikes and yellow marker held in place the Dog Ear ambition of finding peace in location.  Life blends the fever of ill gotten needs with consumer driven ambivalence, what the marketing scheme considers Woke Capitalism. Meaning defined as entropy dwindles, very serious life and death equivalencies, likeContinue reading “you’re yellow too”

bruised surroundings

Raindrops posed tree branches to hunch and closed the sidewalk to allow darkway slivers, at the top of bird feathers, cheers from throats perched atop trimmed hedges and gulped singalongs from regular humans, riding with the windows down and saturating suburbia in repeated pop-melodies.  It goes something like this: “Everyday, it’s a-gettin’ faster Everyone said,Continue reading “bruised surroundings”