At the Super- Market, Security cameras monitor the baby food, coordinated by flavor,  Moss-green-aesthetic Labels the mashed peas, taunts A palate Fixed to asses pill zest  & energy drinks  & human organ excretion. * Data gathered from surveillance Promoted Foucault’s panopticon  To watch Jean Valjean’s pantomimes  From dusk till dawn. Profits plummeted,  $$$$$$$$ $$ RecommendedContinue reading “categories.”

As if to market Time as a Failure

A hospital bill arrives in the mail Indicating payment past due,  Such culpability would be moot, If not for debt creating a future to be lived.  Time  Stamps  Showcase a past event And  Tempt fate To promise liabilities By wagering flesh against the Sun. * (When Icarus burned, The vultures fed And God gained aContinue reading “As if to market Time as a Failure”

“No fair. No fair.”

Villains escort a mask and regulate dance, an advancement step  Creating space, promenaded to be measured as Rhythmic air. No fair. No fair. Medieval trials deliberated guilt through intent.  Swine ate consecrated biscuits. Rats burrowed below  The cross, into the church wall. Humans evaluated The actions, “No fair. No fair.”  As pigs followed the swing Continue reading ““No fair. No fair.””

Plastic Culture

Sliced bread confuses the soulmate solution, redeemed in pairs. Bottle-caps unscrewed presenting the naked grooves arranged for plastic perfection. Rather. A.  Digital fingerprint  Via microchips. Made in squares, set in rectangles,  Proclaiming unseen value, an illusion of technique. * Air filters capture cellular waste.  Replenished wholesale from frayed tissue- Securing viscera in place. Ripe forContinue reading “Plastic Culture”

A Soliloquy for Dead-Ends

A tree branch brandishes its silhouette  And hides the stucco pattern, flourishing  Across the wall.  A leaf trembles in the wind. Pauses.  Before its stem snaps and lets go Of the leaf.  Impulses obligate an outstretched hand To snatch the leaf from wind patterns. Fingers grasp the loose foliage  And dollar bills within the sameContinue reading “A Soliloquy for Dead-Ends”


Hands rest  In pockets, Fingers pinch An inseam – let go  And secure  Flesh for fabric. (where has the time gone?) Faith in  Corporeal  Structures, categorizes  Conscious content  To relay another happenstance And create the moment, Despite what it’s not.  Foregoing another minute, Quiet breaks… Piano melodies inhabit vibrations, Teasing the eyes to distinguish truth Continue reading “Φ”


“How do I love thee?, Let me count the ways” An achievement. “But”  Lists are  Set in  complete.  Love can’t format to assume linear growth. Love never completes.  “But.”  Lists are  Set in  Complete. Such permanence  Confuses fog For a haunting. Agency lingers  In memories  Without names. Natural phenomena  Exists beyond Consideration for  Creation. InContinue reading “love.”

Word Finds and Pantomimes

December mocks the odds Corresponding person-hood  And insects, giving all fours  Praise to greater Gods,  Named with children’s eyes. Bargain sets numbers  With windfall. 4 skips the leaves. 10 skips the plastic. 60 Skips the airwaves, Including End of World  Prophesies Like virgin births, Art movements, Gambling for fun. Winter months play screen glares OnContinue reading “Word Finds and Pantomimes”

Before Bed

Her cheek resting On my chest   Beneath my clavicle,  Spacing  A Warm spot,  Unable to distinguish  Between heart beat  And flesh.  Her hazel stare  Designates tunnel  Vision.  Air flow tightens, Snore spurts  Intermingle with  Breath tickles.  Room goes quiet.  We’re dreaming now, But I’m still awake.

An Appeal to the Simulation

“There is no aphrodisiac like innocence”― Jean Baudrillard Two 20 (dollar) bills  Were set parallel  On Tay’s dresser.  “I can’t tell.” He said, grabbing and  Escorting a buck to his desk lamp. He held it before a light-beam.  The money functioned like a lens cover,  Casting a mossy green spot-light Across the room, ending inside aContinue reading “An Appeal to the Simulation”