dead chickens

FTX and the TOO BIG TO FAIL Motif

“I am the false character that follows the name around.” D. DeLillo Chemtrails splice the clouds in two and dare onlookers to pick a side. Its white pinstripe decorates the divide, dissipates and showers conspiracies onto  a small town graveyard. Relatives from the area visit the dead and talk to them about the places in […]

Coordinated with Abstract Junk

A pirouette rehearsed in contention  Against retired cords, bordering the flesh Movements remembered as  Phone entrails curled like a pig’s tail, tied to knuckles Symbolizing near/miss happy dalliances. In the Invisible Age: Smiley faces identical in appearance dictate the nuances forgoing pop-art Sensibilities.  Before the alphabet, lit up with Prussian Blue  Silence is interrupted by […]

Copywriting the Happy Birthday Song

A legacy abridged with hospital debt, Gambles impulse for insight.  Scratch offs reject their glitter Dispersed at random: modes of thought:  And quantum renderings make money whole.  Culture mends its lowest post, Dead actors sculpt the stage. Strings linger down from the rafters, Puppet masters  Twiddle their fingers and implement  Strategic pivots, disguising a marinette’s […]

History of Art Auction House Humor

Chimp held in a cage chuckles as she throws feces at voyeurs surrounding her enclosure. Jokes produced en masse entertain: The History of Humor sequenced and designated within the present clause  explains the punchline, “art auctioned at Sotheby’s”. Jokes observed through a view-master: lever pulled via mouse clicks, scrolling through MEMEs resplendent with enough low-level […]

Sodom and Gomorrah’s Art House

Dedicated to Keith Haring and DIY aesthetes claim that current galleries and auction houses promote contemporary artists recommended by academia, selling work under the guise of exclusive provisions, resulting in a rebellion from the DIY aesthete as they utilize free market strategies for profit, despite rejecting conventional capital.   Human fantasies honor traditional phenomena, revealing […]

a backwards baseball cap with a feather in it

Socrates perfected emoji sensibilities. A smirk molded by oration stunts: Hiding truth as if price gouging  Could be censored by  Banishing all lenses from production Lines. Vocal chords assume the same vibrations Present in Wi-Fi signals. In these spectrums  Are symbols. Color schemes, practicing anarchy Dictate rainbow miles found in ($)miles and ($)miles and ($)miles.  […]

midwest dandelions among gold

An empty mop bucket, tucked in the corner  emitted  The scent of Bleach cut with water.  The concoction left a sticky residue  Over the surfaces it was cleaned with.    My shoes suctioned to the adhesive, squeaked  in chorus  With other travelers, Inside the truck-stop.    I surveyed the pipes Stationed above the urinal.  Green […]

AI Art and the Last Spark from Prometheus’ Torch

Feet consumed by designer sneakers impart their trademark in the land. Flecks of rock, tinted a dull blue, intermingle with grains of sand, highlighting disparities sequenced within makeshift twirls. A leaf blower dispatches air spurts and eliminates potential comparisons to Fibonacci patterns, but does the wind’s motion, the twirls and the trademark itself, qualify as […]

“money doesn’t grow on trees”

Oblivion taunts the highway, stakes claim against shifting tongues and masters politics for tragic ends. Loneliness is Nihilistic. Attempts in forward days, make tomorrow a mode of thought. Is this anything at all?  Candles dress the air in flames. Mirrors move mountains. Dirty prayers stage exits.  TV channels apprehend the color spectrum. Trade vows with […]


Caricature flattery categorized distance twofold- Squint, forehead splayed, open for potential dimensions. Another secret staged at the flesh border.  Tree branches Dance their shadows Before mesh screens And project disjointed profiles Across plaster walls.   He’d rehearsed these presentations during his youth. After lights out, removed contraband from under his bed- Set a flashlight atop […]


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