dead chickens

Knowledge is an Aesthetic

“… knowledge about a fact; and this knowledge admits of numberless degrees of complication.” – W. James 1. Humanity named language  Granting Spaces agency with form and place  Out in the darkness  Piles of clothes amass in the bedroom  T-shirts have names but they’re laundry  What form do I take against the laundry, stars and […]

Names for Miracles

Language augmented guttural moans, found pace with saliva drippings and punctuated actions as moments in time.  God tasked the 1st human with Animal nomenclature. Inheritance is wealth, is Choice, is what’s been done to scorched Earth despite an open-door-policy for Noah’s Ark.  Family trappings. Bonkers acquisition into aesthetic balance.  The illusion of bones for a […]

Sex Doll Soul

Bloodlust INC, Crucifixion required an abbreviation: Nails pierced the wrist. Palm skin shreds from metallic balance Allowing hangman status as drooping flesh Holds them like a curb stomped jawline.  A Stockbroker’s tongue aligned with sermon methodology, Button mashing: Buy! Buy! Buy!  Transfers blood and skin flecks onto computer screens.  While Teenagers gain a compass from […]

God’s Human “sedition”

An automatic air freshener dispenses Spurts of gas, perfumed rose To Disguise the smell of submission Aromatizing the execution chamber. A shelter prophet, slated for martyrdom Blinks and their eyes Sparkle like wet glitter. Interlude final moments, empty lungs followed by empty bowels. Crucifies the Mutt as a nickname. Dies for sin Human sin, God’s […]

Tarot Cards Before the Mirror

A wooden sign abbreviates the skyline with letters painted in black, back-dropped against chipped white paint, advertising Tarot readings for 40.00 dollars. The reading’s value is determined by the cost of knowing the future vs. no knowledge of what is to come. A mystery vague as the monetary cycle, an invisible ouroboros, an American Dream.  […]

trusting the lawyer

Paradise, Taken by criteria- Performative and mutilated: Pure context.  Cadaver fashion classifies  Death  As Reward  And Life  As Rot.  Hindsight sequencing  Disturbs linear allegiance. “Mantra” “Ponderance” (mantra) (ponderance) ////////////////// Conscious plays  Truncate a blank stare, Doing so during  Menial tasks Like a vacuum running idle, Zoning out in mediation  As its motor drones in harmony  […]

Set. $3T. set.

I relish an untitled retrieval. Spooky time-lapse  Conscripts constant deja–vu.  * I lose my keys.  (meaning) Forgetmeknots  Granting advertisements  Unto conscious exposure.  ** Outside the experience  A rainbow mounts contours  Along the edges of an oil slick.  A mere dot among litter  Making out  Forget–me–not  In Target’s parking lot. ***  Inside the store A  Starbucks […]


An original sheen  Designates property atop  The  Car’s hood.  Convinced its gunshots But fireworks proclaim the boom!  (sucks teeth) Clock-face oppression  Commandeers a blanket term, An expired menstrual cup  Exposed on the shelf, Two rubber bands Stored behind the sofa, Bouncing dust  And Shadows for luck.  Loud-inch-spoils Blind as vampire tension, Classifying  Catalyst to FIN. […]

10 Collages:I:Repetition

“The shape of the square confronts the silhouette of the amoeba.”- Alfred H. Barr Spittle mounts a curl upon a lip, promoting “as if,” what amounts to a tug from gravity. A lip representing bevel inclines, splicing gestures for repeat, on repeat, with hand in pocket and raspberries co-opted via tongue thrumming.  A word repeated […]

reflections before me

(ordinary) My Reflection strains against the television’s darkness. Unfocused vision formulates flecks of light, jittering beside the right corner and in the center I appear. Polka dots distinguish themselves as eye-sockets, flesh tones arrange dollops of cream cheeks to break the quasi shadows, visible on screen and nowhere else. In the background another face appears. […]


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