Universal Truths Faulted by Scotch Tape

Scotch-Tape portioned to an inch, fastened a poster to the window shop glass, dog-eared to make its removal accessible, Prompting passing minds to hallucinate memories, of fingernails filed to nubs picking at tape corners, desiring translucent flaps to pinch a centi-meter  And remove the tape. Edges by metaphor alone offer a bargain. Allowing tiny stepsContinue reading “Universal Truths Faulted by Scotch Tape”

Last Person to Know Her Name

1. A stranger in a blue wig rolled on the floor, Her eyes rolled too  Until sclera hues matched wall paint  Matched Styrofoam. Loose change  Founds its marks along the carpet.  Police entered and embedded dead Presidents In the fabric.  “What’s her name?” Reasons to name corpses. Soft kicks to hips. Officer knelt for prayer Continue reading “Last Person to Know Her Name”

Stale Green Light

Time dilutes stimuli with in-flux examinations, allowing love-tap-bruises to function for hindsight. Space corrects for time if removed for inches, letters and shifting eyes. Time registers an experience, setting the space from observation to reaction. Useless like a paper’s pink margins, indicating paragraph placeholders. Space where symbols belong. stomach placement when sitting measures average tableContinue reading “Stale Green Light”

History Belongs to What is Seen.

Dream hearse demonstrates the personality traits found in the bones. Numb guffaws, trace the lineage of missed footsteps. But the process to forgive never offers the flayed out loins as penance. Muscles and naked joints must’ve known the glass case confession isn’t a reliable source for cancer treatment. Obsolete organs. Tattoos falling from eyes toContinue reading “History Belongs to What is Seen.”

Life Offers Experience That Only Death Relates With

Cornerstone grievance designates a stationary place to mourn.  Bypassing these ordinary symbols, comes the laughter and footsteps achieve relevance  Atop The world. Green drapes parcel sunlight, Dressing the room in golden strips.  Highlighting cracks in wooden furniture  Like words on a page.  a Motorcycle’s exposed engine Volumizes its exhaust pipe, interrupts the standard woosh  HadContinue reading “Life Offers Experience That Only Death Relates With”

Saturday Colors and Dollar Store Items

1. Purple makeup  Washed out her sneer,  Sniveling at near  Touch. Holding accountable Winter approaches to summer conditions. Management evaluated the day.  Stymied soft-cell accomplishment  For anchor sets.  X  And  O  Sans the polished reverb  Evaporating from unspoken  Replies  And  Rhythmic emails. Store fronts  Presented symbols, Styled in graffiti. Red meant the End. Blue classifiedContinue reading “Saturday Colors and Dollar Store Items”

American Lives as Entropy

Peace relinquishes entropy,  Searches for mini-situations Emptying the mode of  limited resolutions  To understand EVERYTHING Herein times death knell.  Twinkie packets Feed The wealthiest quadrupeds.  WHO  Finish their designer meals, Brushing  Breadcrumbs  Away from Named lapels To be picked up by ancient cousins. WHO  Distort future thumbs And use condensation  Like glue,  Gathering every lastContinue reading “American Lives as Entropy”

Translating the Pronouns to distinguish Maxwell’s Demon

Off Brand cereal remains the standard for discounted nirvana.  Frosted oat flakes and chocolate puffs perform their ingredients as nomenclature,  Eliminating employment for classic trademarked spokes-cartoons to sell the love.  Instead mid level shelf placement,  Hosts a moment for the consumer to negotiate brand recognition and price,   To void their thoughts in imitation  meditation.  ClassicContinue reading “Translating the Pronouns to distinguish Maxwell’s Demon”

“Something like America…”…trends

Sanity implements A forever greeting, “hello.” Prevails against  Keratin shrapnel, Nibbled  At center  To  Meddle with  Process gaps  Bridging what it means to function In understanding of sodium deficiencies.  Price dismisses Valued Goods For Price to situate A Dollar General, Mere blocks away  From City Hall. Where inside  Small Town Politicians  Argue About the patrioticContinue reading ““Something like America…”…trends”

Anton – Babinski Syndrome

A clown carried armfuls of office trinkets, up the stairs. She pivoted, lost footing and shuffled toward the edge and discovered balance by leaning against the railing.  A stapler escaped her arms and pinged at random, as it descended with metal greeting metal. The stapler’s death rattle reverberated throughout the stairwell, carried itself to theContinue reading “Anton – Babinski Syndrome”