A Wage earned at the Oasis

Fighter jets practiced attack patterns in the sky, erupting shock-waves throughout the suburbs. The sudden sonic compression shook the house and forced a cereal box, left open on the shelf, to balance against the cupboard door. Bulls-eye-grip pinched the handle, sugar corpuscles rained on the kitchen tiles. The fallen rectangle divided the grid patterned floor. A cartoon icon, framed by cardboard, challenged identity, existing by voice acting and vibrant colors. A name staged by minds, defining existence like smoke leading to fire.

Constellations form within the same boundaries.

i-Phone screens water O’Keefe’s flowers with blue-light. Floaters blend petals and stems. Silica aromas match the scent of pollen in the wind. Hot breath moistens thumbprints, cleared with a t-shirt hem.
TV channels retire.
A woman walks her dog as the rain drizzles everything under Heaven. Headlights reflect in the puddles. She calls her pet’s name and it implies ownership.

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