Poker eyes
scented with “i”

Posterize her lean,
Balanced by
Breakroom’s kitchen counter.

American improv!
Hidden details in wearing
Collars matching
Purple neckties.

American improv!
Corporate leadership.

American improve?
Corporate leadership (once removed).
Replaced with financial alibis.

Cubicle dwellers
Require an ethernet cable.
This creates a tripping hazard,
Solved by taping the cord
To the carpet with caution tape.
Dust assembles
Along the part of the cord
Situated away from the aisle.
Outsourced cleaners utilize backpack vacuums
But the wind pressure is too strong.
It pushes the cord against the cubicle wall,
Leaving behind silhouettes.

In the aftermath of ATOMIC warfare
Nuclear shadows are what remains
Of bleached dust.
Details like this prove
I am.”
Like a coffee mug
Personalized with
The owner’s photo.
Left in the cupboard
Employees share
to honor
Corporate activism.

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