Breakfast in the Suburbs

Meant for breath, settled in scream.
A palm held flat for stigmata and behind the back
Of Bauhaus patterns…
Remnants of exhalation.
Thons motioned apart.
What’s revealed in the space
Is maintained by experience.

After-thought provisions,
Secrete stimuli-prompted,
Fluttering impulses:
DO I highlight screens
With familiar reels?
At first witness
JfK’s Assination appeared real,
But 2nd watch indicates dandelions
Sprouting out of the grassy knoll.

A cellist performs their solo, pauses
Welcome applause.
An audience member drops a popcorn kernel,
Leans over and reaches underneath her seat
Retrieve it. Her neighbors watch the gesture
And confuse it as the catalyst for a standing ovation.
They raise up and clap. Others raise up and clap.
The crowd wants Heaven to hear their approval.

Police barter palm readings
Justice. Federal anthologies compose
The vertebrae
Securing tight
Backbone taxes.
Together in a Parade.
A float escapes the line,
Parks along the 100 block of Main St.
Children spot the flamboyant vehicle
From their windows.
They gather in droves
Around the car,
Demanding answers
Of its presence.
“I’m only here because I’m tired.”
The owner says.
“I’m only here because I had no other choice.”

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