Clown Art Surplus

Ink smears interact with pencil shavings, displacing language for luxury-brands.
An art print Framed an inch under the ceiling, inspired by a skyscraper vantage, watching cars displace one another, a chess-piece-value determined from movement.
Western is the direction.
Drive-thru menus the required knowledge.
King forward two squares, wrapper underneath the seat and the rook falls.

Restless inhales inspire the heartrate, two beats and the butterfly effect purports missing an ant ellipses by inches. Marching orders condemn the Waltz as a challenge. Steps designed for profit make the World go round and round and round. A reprieve from movement is the surplus made in the standstill. Aquarium lenses are basic reflections. Glass ceilings shatter with spiderweb expectations for capture.
Digital numbers inside plastic screens.
Confessions behind a screen.
Curtain drawn intentending to expose scribbles made with spray paint.
Economic cycles
Life and death
Of course
Waking life.

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