Violin thoughts delay


Conjunction, abridged per bone style

With rioters halted before a chainlink fence,

Their fingers interlocked around the tension bar,

Strumming metal for comfort.

A fish escapes the depths,

Bulges hindsight to qualify the lens

Meant as their prison bowl. Death chances its allegory 

With every drug overdose 

Discovered in the stall of a public bathroom.

Snowflakes converge without distinction

And hug darkness

Found in the eyelashes of those entering 

The grocery store.

Doings meant for memories,

Become the in of memories

Stardust with a proper name 

Entangles with a graveyard somewhere else

A narrative ends 

In a commemorative plaque,

Engraved in bronze letters

For tourists to read and admire,

Hands on hips, declaring:

Would you look at that?”

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