basic agency


A puddle of blood 

Accumulated underneath

The dog’s brain



Descartes’ reflection

In the liquid.

His dissection was an attempt 

To ratify his hypothesis 

That consciousness originates in every creature’s

Pineal gland. Blood droplets descended off his table,

Motioned ripples throughout the puddle,

Crested along the lip of the metal tray and dried

Like old paint.

He cradled neurons,

Confirming what it’s like to be something. 


Forever awake demeanor,

Contrasts purposeful sleep.

Mind and body are abridged 

Like nails pounded into a crucifix.

A question besets the eye contact

Made among a dangling corpse 

And the executioner below:

Who’s looking down on who

Knowledge confiscates 

Stamina from

Low entropy,

Uses it


misanthropic biases.

Conclusions, essential conclusions,

Tattoo the mind with Occaom’s Razor. 


I am? 

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