Consumer Biases in the Cold

Tinnitus mystified by traffic noise, 

loops blood stasis and develops silence.

The sequenced beeps of the crosswalk intrude a brief hypnosis, interrupted by

A man situated at the bus-stop who breathes with assistance from an oxygen tank. 

Tubes encircle his ears and plug his nostrils, he questions, “spare a dollar for a homeless guy today?” 

And inhales with great fervor between proposals 

A last gasp before the big score.

Customer service voice:

A smile escapes,

Belly ache and fake laughter

Marketed falsetto. 

Role reversal, hero complex.

Staged at birth.

Sidewalk etiquette is subjective by default.

Rosy faces wrinkle in the cold air,

Stead straight, shoulder to shoulder to shoulder to shoulder.

Allowing only shadows the space to pass by them. 

Crowd truth is omnipotent,

Crowd truth is law,

By numbers democracy wins.

Theater production:

Caricature stick figures,

Study their lines for inspiration.

Cracks in the sidewalk suggest dialogue.

A point of contention 

Where wishes mean suggestions 


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