g()d hEaD but with A Fr()wn

Water droplets leak from the god-head

And reimagine the tempo of tears 

as ice melting off an old roof. 

A puddle amasses

From the clogged drain. 

A fleck of lint seeks refuge 

in the tubs 


Another water bead descends,

Strikes the growing deep and jettisons 

Spillage, forcing it airborne. Moisture touches 

The lint and 

animates it 

Like roaches escaping the automatic lights 

Of a refrigerator. 


aspirations relate stimuli accomplishment with sentience synapses map memories an old mind approaches a stoplight and presses the crosswalk icon indicating they’d like to dance on the street yellow strobes pulsate in accordance with a drivers attention span and they acknowledge the command to yield all the while pacing their lives with sequenced errands a have and have not procedure stymied by… 

yellow obligations 

A painter evades oncoming foot traffic,

Shifting left, they catch their toe on sidewalk, 

Elevated from a break in the concrete. 

They tumble a few steps, topple over 

And a brush soiled with yellow paint 

Escapes their grasp and is launched 

Through the air, landing inches ahead

Of their dormant body. 

Obligations refurbished with decency 

Taunt the crowd. Beneath and behind 

Eyes and flesh, particles recommend 

An outcome. Right and wrong begin with dust.

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