FTX and the TOO BIG TO FAIL Motif

I am the false character that follows the name around.” D. DeLillo

Chemtrails splice the clouds in two and dare onlookers to pick a side. Its white pinstripe decorates the divide, dissipates and showers conspiracies onto  a small town graveyard. Relatives from the area visit the dead and talk to them about the places in America they haven’t visited, yet. 

Financial hierarchies create levels in accordance with scarcity and honor the challenge resources require of supply and demand. 

FDIC legitimizes banks by engaging control once they bust. A failure maintaining ontological recognition. 

FTX’s scandal establishes Crypto among the ranks of too big to fail. An esteemed placement with criteria derived from mathematical coincidence. After all, God made one child and killed them based on popular demand. 

The Effective Altruism movement claims that capital, if used to curtail income inequality, is a resource for good. Wealth accumulation is then filtered through PR and labeled “charitable giving.”  

A line set with martyrs, shuffles forward an inch in tandem with their cell decay. At rare moments a participant will turn their head and question the person behind them, “what time is it?”, to which they’ll reply, “what does it matter? We’re all going to die soon anyway.” 

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