Coordinated with Abstract Junk

A pirouette rehearsed in contention 

Against retired cords, bordering the flesh

Movements remembered as 

Phone entrails curled like a pig’s tail, tied to knuckles

Symbolizing near/miss happy dalliances. In the Invisible Age:

Smiley faces identical in appearance dictate the nuances forgoing pop-art


Before the alphabet, lit up with Prussian Blue 

Silence is interrupted by biases wrought for Self.

Communication gave agency to war.

Roman troops ignited torches and indicated their affront,

Blazing flame beside the command. Amoebas delivered 

The same intention through vibration, citing prey 

For consumption.

Contemporary vibrations correlate in whimsy

Cliches consume crosshairs, dilate pupils and take out reflections

Dominated by possibilities. 

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