History of Art Auction House Humor

Chimp held in a cage chuckles as she throws feces at voyeurs surrounding her enclosure.

Jokes produced en masse entertain: The History of Humor sequenced and designated within the present clause  explains the punchline, “art auctioned at Sotheby’s”.

Jokes observed through a view-master: lever pulled via mouse clicks, scrolling through MEMEs resplendent with enough low-level suffering Kafka’s corpse responds in envy by pressing his smirk against the coffin wall.

The New Media exhibits humor as escapism. Cell phones and other small screen equipment veil their bright lights and implant themselves inside synapses, manifesting with hair trigger responses (think police trained as shoot to kill).

Cat sits at a piano bench and plays Beethoven on a keyboard: the impression is Richard Pryor chained to a wall and fed amphetamines, so he can recite his material along a 24 hour loop. 

Warhol’s proclamation (15 minutes of fame, babe) we’re all privy to collectivist scrutiny, it’s like farting in school and the entire class hears it and laughs, only now the class is global and the fart is recorded, placed on standby and showcased at an audience’s leisure. Smell the bullshit?

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