categorized distance twofold-

  1. Squint, forehead splayed, open for potential dimensions.
  2. Another secret staged at the flesh border.

 Tree branches

Dance their shadows

Before mesh screens

And project disjointed profiles

Across plaster walls.


He’d rehearsed these presentations during his youth.

After lights out, removed contraband from under his bed-

Set a flashlight atop the dresser. Inside the beacon, styled his fingers

As anthropomorphic puppets,

Detailing strings linking imagination and sleep deprivation.


what is a human’s obligation to not smoosh an insect?” his words alone.

 Yesterday morning he discovered another spot of shade.

Inside its borders, peered up to the 100th floor.

A speck separated itself from the obscurity, zigzagged like a fruit fly,

Mastered human form.


Blood letting appraised the concrete, pooled around his Balenciaga shoes.

He washed it off with a garden hose, employed in earnest to clear the sidewalk of roughage.

Otherwise known as the human condition?





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