Dialectic of the Ordinary

Body movements coded in pageantry,

Use Because-Of-Imaginations,

Marking Time…indicating progress.  

Insomniacs scroll through their television feeds, 

Bypassing infomercials for canned laughter-


Memories of 

Wooden toothpicks, sharing scents 

With the mahogany entertainment center,




Disguises which

Hide like glitter plumes

Blooming inside  

A strobe-light

And back to an actor’s sclera.

Trivia from past experiences 

Divides lottery customers 

Among those who have faith in winning,

And those gambling upon the experience to conclude. 

3.oo dollars purchases boundaries.

A million dollars fences in the boundaries. 

Dishes decorated in food grime,

Setup the penultimate bargain. 

“I’ll do them when I have time.”

Time skip to 3 days later,

Caffeine permeates in the bloodstream,

Bubbles clump together,

Displaying fragility 

As those on top

Pop, leaving nothing behind

But space. 

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