Eurydice Sneezes as Orpheus L00ks Back

Fog infiltrates highrise windows,

Clouds dance with their reflections.


Wrought in pioneer biases,

Are eliminated.  

Illiterate color schemes &

Tie-dye abrasions

Reinstate brunch time 

Politics. Coffee stains:

Are carpet burns:

& stimulant woes 

Prompt knee deep 

Pleas for sugar.

Confiscations from the eternal  

Built the flesh & electronics 

Stowing away thoughts 

Delighted, microscopic with


Despite the Autocracy 

Clamoring for American roses. 

Legs dressed in Khaki 

Redirect standard gales,

Lift pollen off dandelions,

Attach themselves to blood

& escape inside the kill. 

Ground swells crack the sidewalk.

Pools of ants flood the jagged inseam,

Carry sugar sprinkles beyond the confines

Of pollen travel. An intentional misstep demolishes

The colony, those who are left embrace cannibalism,

In celebration of efficiency. 

Dust mites escape khaki pockets,

Catch a warm inhale. 

There are no geopolitics involved 

 with 15 minute meals,

Filling the worker’s bellies

As their break commences &

Dust plumes challenge 

What’s left behind 

When ashes 

Coordinate logistics &

Lose their dignity.  

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