Where Do Catalogues Retire?

Dante cataloged human sin, 

Commandment Ads divulged in verse.

One Observed:

Hell’s Vestibule staged like window dressing and housing

neutral participants who marked themselves with trademark flagellation. 

An industrial A/C unit directs pressurized air through aluminum pipes, 

As metal fasteners rattle and waltz with their disturbance. Vents scatter 

Cool touches throughout the maze of cells. Prisoners acclimated to the cold,

Tuck their bare arms inside their Anstaltskleidung, shiver and imagine an oven. 

Outside the prison walls, bordered by barbed wire, a plastic jungle gym patented for kids

Promises that dreams can come true. 

Fake deer advertise freedom beyond the chain link fence, watching the air with still eyes. 

New inmates often confuse them with flesh and blood, something about the plastic 

Holds the light like the living. 

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