Knowledge is an Aesthetic

“… knowledge about a fact; and this knowledge admits of numberless degrees of complication.” – W. James


Humanity named language 

Granting Spaces agency with form and place 

Out in the darkness 

Piles of clothes amass in the bedroom 

T-shirts have names but they’re laundry 

What form do I take against the laundry, stars and darkness?


Conundrum Politics


Lens graphics 

Prophesying illiterate body-language 

And gossip 


An end for the X


Serializing an 



Out of purview 

James’ testament distinguishes 

Outward perception 


Relishes the more useful stimuli 

For posterity in the DAY by dAy


Knowledge is an aesthetic

Aesthetic knowledge provokes a diatribe

Against worship. 

Sunsets project insect profiles, like mirages stuck on loading screens.

Lacewings congregate in green clouds, marking the air as safe to roam, 

Never settling along tree bark, or atop cars stored outside in makeshift parking lots. 

Spiders exit their discovered sanctuaries, found in broken floorboards and 

Side panels protecting bipedal homes. A web balances their listless Appendages, as they scamper up and down wires,

Ensnaring prey for sustenance. Gales perform cyclones, 

Spiders pulsate, in and out of purview, taken in by midnight shadows. 

A water droplet falls from an A/C unit stationed over the web,

It follows along the silky maze 

Finding leave with an insect companion,

Censored like primetime violence. 

Hollow kneeling falsifies curtain call,

Body contortions

Beckon symbols. 

Wink as ink 

Flesh as page.   

Lacewings remain motionless,

Stuck to the web 

And die without purpose.

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