Names for Miracles

Language augmented guttural moans, found pace with saliva drippings and punctuated actions as moments in time. 

God tasked the 1st human with Animal nomenclature. Inheritance is wealth, is Choice, is what’s been done to scorched Earth despite an open-door-policy for Noah’s Ark. 

Family trappings.

Bonkers acquisition into aesthetic balance. 

The illusion of bones for a skeleton, taking form in history. 

Flesh and organ function? Retaliation.  Bloodletting sprinkled secrets like lawn clippings leading to a grave. In the wind beauty found transience. A Voice

…a voice:

God speaks through miracles

A giant squid washed ashore, dead as balance. Biologists classified it as a miracle. 

A fog marked the horizon, shrubbery and wild flowers blended in with the mist, setting forth a technicolored cloud to devour the sun drenched field. 

Features condemned as details imprisoned by an artist’s eye. 

Doppelganger traits mask the clock face, seconds fetishize depleted time. 

Split ends set in the bristles distort brush strokes and leave gaps within the lines and shapes made on canvas. 

Fog lifts.

Who’s left to finish it?

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