Sex Doll Soul

Bloodlust INC,

Crucifixion required an abbreviation:

Nails pierced the wrist.

Palm skin shreds from metallic balance

Allowing hangman status as drooping flesh

Holds them like a curb stomped jawline. 


Stockbroker’s tongue aligned with sermon methodology,

Button mashing:

Buy! Buy! Buy! 

Transfers blood and skin flecks onto computer screens. 


Teenagers gain a compass from picking at pimples 

Tasting their puss,

Describing it as Mother’s Milk. 

In the end,

A warmth baptized by Hellfire 

With cockroaches decorated 

In human ash.


Arousal-sequenced with madness


tonal inflections,

Beggars chose

And pennies compensate 



Powder grams 

For murderings. 

An infection emtombs him,

Bevel lacerations interject dopamine 


Before the plunger collapses 

And he makes friends with the shadows,

Designing language per somatic relief. 

Monsters enter from the corners.

She gives them biblical names,

Reasoning that God only grants goodness. 

He remembers,

Demons have biblical names too.” 

Her pockmarks remain as mortification.

She sleeps off the dream.

In the morning they dose their psyches

With the need to try fucking again.

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