God’s Human “sedition”

An automatic air freshener dispenses

Spurts of gas, perfumed rose


Disguise the smell of submission

Aromatizing the execution chamber.

A shelter prophet, slated for martyrdom

Blinks and their eyes

Sparkle like wet glitter. Interlude final moments,

empty lungs followed by empty bowels.

Crucifies the Mutt as a nickname.

Dies for sin

Human sin,

God’s Human.

Pearls before swine

Determine the garbage routes.

1st stop the county jail

Where inside the showers,


Motivated by lust,

Interchange time slots,

Creating friction

Through different strokes,

Blending dandruff with tap water.

Cleanse the sin,

Human sin,

God’s human

Under a crucifix, stationed to the bathroom wall

God’s human sits on their toilet, tears a series of Dollar Tree receipts

And uses the strips as bookmarks. They mark pages

In Exodus and Hustler considered relevant

Untoward the aesthetic condition.

Toilet flushes at home.

Welcome home.

God’s home.

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