kismet bargains

A receipt listing various sundries remains flat on the mattress. 

Human instincts direct fingers to crease the paper in half, fold in the edges to make a point and bend each side, forming wings. 

Paper plane rides the still air, descends at an angle, landing where the carpet of the living room meets the tiles of the kitchen. 

Outside and the same hands form a steeple, the flesh apex is held perpendicular, across the street, over the church archway. 

Parishioners stand inside the shade, God does the rest.   

Pockmarks in the brick contain the same darkness found in the hand’s wrinkles. 

Steeple collapses…

“see all the people?” 

Kismet bargains prophesize a nickels trajectory, as it escapes a person’s billfold, in fashion of the frown, known for 


Dried grass pauses an inch above mud plots and disperses itself like hair growth adorning a bald scalp. 


Clouds mimic shapes 

Familiar to human language.

A disguise asking:

What belongs in the sky? 

A zoo contingent 

On subjective wonderment.

Ah, the spoils of a God. 


Cancer eats at the moonscape,

Anchors a cresting tumor 


A smile for the sun. 


Arc lamps 

function like floor-lights

Stationed along a catwalk,

Advertising property value 

Appraised by the objects left outside.


A Hyundai Sonata 24,000 set against the moment 

Its hood collects rainwater, reminding the earth 

Oceans are puddles, but with waves.

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