The Act of Conforming to the Museum without Walls


Window shopping exhibits an exploitation of empathy. Reflections disguised as shadows, but instead of parodying the mirror image, credit scales a bargain: being:

A). Cogito, ergo sum

B). Nothing matters but Now

The genesis of this arrangement is tied to Time. Conformity was easy when humanity pledged its faith to an omnipresent entity. Every wager was set against eternal damnation, fear sanctioned fashion, modesty wrought a simple life. 

Modern moments relish the individual, mimicries are taken piecemeal and decreed as personalities, befitting a genome’s sanctions for a custom reality. 


A novelty sex-shop found sanctuary on the outskirts of a small town. Nobody discussed the scandal of such a blatant sin, among God fearing folks, but the store flourished in profits, frequented by secret shoppers, sans corporate trickery. All was well within the community until the sex-shop decided to fly a humongous American flag, in celebration of its patriotism.  The flag advertised an eclipse over a stretch of hwy bordering the store. The shadow grew in metaphor and ensnared passersby with its censorship. The townsfolk refused to debate the merits of taking down the flag, deciding silence was warranted to sustain purity. Thus, it remained, but the store’s bottom line fell out. Customers were intimidated by the vigilant juxtaposition of freedom celebrating its wares. The owner declared bankruptcy and moved to Florida. The great flag remained a dirty secret.

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